Sports get you pumping.
   Not all of us practice sports or engage in competitive athletics. Still, all of us benefit from regular fitness exercise. Along with good nutrition and rest, fitness training is a repeated cycle of damage and repair. Massage accelerates "repair."
   "No pain, no gain?" This old proverb is true. But, unfortunately, all exercise disciplines consist of controlled tissue damage, which usually causes pain, and massage should be an integral part of a fitness program.

   One of the most significant benefits of massage is that it stimulates blood circulation. Massage increases the exchange of vital substances between your blood and tissue cells, which helps to optimize your nutrient supply.
   Massage increases your metabolism, and that same blood flow and nutrients around the body can also help restore your muscles. When you exercise, your muscles need vital nutrients and oxygen to rebuild and heal — and it's this same flow of nutrients that works overtime during a massage. If you're following an intense exercise regime, a good massage will help revive sore muscles to keep up your routine. Feel the aches and pains melt away.
    Focused massage techniques combine sound anatomical and physiological knowledge skills that treat "pain" to enhance exercise performance. 
   Massage enables you to attain the highest potential by accelerating your body's natural restorative process: allowing for more frequent vigorous physical training and conditioning. As a result, it improves intense workouts and overall development. 
   Your exercise routine needs me to give you the vital edge leading to optimal fitness.
   Pre-and-post-exercise/athletic activity provides for better performance and quicker recovery. In addition, massage improves flexibility and range of motion. 
   Most therapy focuses on techniques to relieve joint and muscle pain.
  Sports massage is the most beneficial modality for ongoing recovery and maintenance. Massage helps you train at a higher level of intensity and maintain consistency with less injury; therapy is a regular and valuable part of the workout routine.