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DEPILATION is also known as Body Wax, or removal of hair by the root. Depilation will keep beautiful, smooth, silky, hairless skin for a longer period of time than shaving. Up to 8 weeks!!!  The best products make a big difference. For sensitive areas I use Nufree Nudesse by Finipil, the gold standard in hair removal. It's a bit more money but, you're worth it. I also use Cirepil Blue Pearl wax by Perron Rigot as a stand by product. These depilatory products, a polymer and hard wax are top in the industry as they're by far less painful, safer, faster. For the larger less sensitive areas, I use soft/strip honey wax. These best depilatory products in the market are a bit more expensive, but you deserve the best. This is the difference limited to best practices like mine. 
Routine waxing will heal the hair bulb as finer hair grows to the surface. Repeat clients experience little discomfort. 
I don't underestimate my client's common sense. Pulling hair from its root is painful. This discomfort, a tingling sensation, is calmed by a gloved pressing hand. On the day of your appointment take a shower with an antibacterial soap to eliminate dirt and oils. A shower is available for your convenience.  Avoid coffee. 30 minutes before the appointment take an analgesic, not aspirin.
Hair must be 1/4 inch long. Trimming required. 

Hirsute Men: A pre-service consultation required to evaluate skin needs. Trimming is necessary adding time and cost. Strip Honey Wax may not be used for these large areas as thick, coarse hair has deeply embedded roots. Hard Wax (strip-less) is the product of choice. This is a time-consuming process as only short strips may work. Full body areas require several sessions. Pulling hair disturbs the root; initiating an Immune System response. At least 48 hours must be observed in order for the Immune System to call back its soldiers.       

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