Luis E. Torres

Certified, Licensed, Registered in MA

Massage Therapist No: 9427*

Esthetician No: 7073883*

Elizabeth Grady School, Medford

B.A. Northeastern University

M.S.W. Boston University 

My approach...

I use a combination of techniques in the Classic massage.

Free-flowing Swedish strokes with firm pressure brings oxygen, lengthen, relieve and soothe the body. Whole-body works on surface muscles. This is a relaxing, serene massage. Often, folks arrive stressed and fatigued. I help calm down the mind. Massage offers an opportunity for self-care to regain the natural sleep cycle and normal function. I offer a hideaway that puts a healing touch to your well-being.


Sports is a focused modality. I use a practical method to evaluate and focus on presenting issues. I propose the best techniques to solve them. Massage supports your fitness goals. 


Having a healthy body image is recognizing the qualities and strengths that feel good about yourself. My listening hands may help emotional breakthroughs to understand binding personal boundaries that keep you from achieving a whole sense of wellness. Training in Counseling Psychology advances my ability to provide a massage that is empathetic, non-judgmental, with unconditional positive regard. You're invited to talk.

Body wax is a service that requires full absorption and attention to detail. Since I provide a personal service, a fresh, hygienic wax bar is set-up in advance for every session.

I'm an expert. My technique is precise and clean. Calming tea will be offered. 


I'm committed to continued personal growth and education. In every client, I see the opportunity to learn, improve and develop my skill in practice. I strive to be a source of information; to help you better understand the benefits massage brings to the body-mind connection. I'm dedicated to a whole, healthy you.

MA License check:   

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